Meet your new My Tasks

Hi everyone :wave:

Aaron Ebert, Product Marketing Manager, here to share that today we are starting to ship a brand new version of My Tasks for new users only.

So, what is changing? With the new version of My Tasks you will have:

  • A boards view - easily toggle between list, board, and calendar working in the way that is best for you
  • Column and section flexibility - customize a system that helps you organize your work and focus on what really matters:
    • Create as many sections as you like
    • Automatically sort tasks within a section
    • Ability to show/hide columns (Project and Tags)
  • Rules for My Tasks - leverage rules to let Asana take action for you in My Tasks or replicate the magic of Today/Upcoming/Later sections
  • Ability to easily move tasks across sections in new ways
    • Drag and drop them
    • Task menu icon when tasks are selected
    • Adding a section from the task pane

And when will I get it?

Since My Tasks houses lots of important information for our customers, this rollout will be done in a phased approach depending on your Asana user tier and how long you have been using Asana before. Here is a snapshot of the rollout schedule (please note these dates are estimates and will be updated as they get closer):

  • New Users (Starting today, March 8th) - they will be the first group to benefit from the new My Tasks. This includes all new users across all domains. Note: this group will not have the basic rules for My Tasks until early April.
  • Existing Free and Premium Users (late April) - Users in this group will be notified about the migration 2 weeks before it takes effect.
  • Existing Business and Enterprise Users (end of May) - Users in this group will be notified about the migration 2 weeks before it takes effect.

We cannot wait for each of you to start using the brand new functionality over the next few months. Please note this update is currently available to 10% of our new users and will roll out to 100% of new users within the next couple of days. We will be back with more timely updates and email communications as your migration date gets closer. Excited to hear what you think, feel free to post your questions and feedback below!

My Tasks Board view

Create and rename your custom sections:

Sort task within sections by due date:

Customize your view:

Reorganise your Tasks:

  • Using Drag and drop:

  • Using the icon next to the title task:

  • Using the drop-down menu within task details:

More information in the Asana Guide!

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Looks great!
Is there any way to “opt in” to the new my tasks early?


@AaronE Thanks for the announcement! Looking forward to use this.
Question: What is the implication on guest accounts on the Premium and Business plans. How will their MyTasks differ from a paid account?

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There will be no difference for Guests @Paul_Grobler, their My Tasks will look just the same :slight_smile:

There isn’t I’m afraid @Chad_Rogers1! This is a pretty complex migration, so to be sure things o smoothly we need to stick to a strict roll out and migration plan!


I’m looking forward to this.

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Is showing task custom fields supported?


Not in this initial release of the new My Tasks. Keep your fingers crossed for after that. :crossed_fingers:



Looking forward to this, and thanks for taking our feedback into account regarding the design and rollout of this key update.

Is there any sense of when the two mobile apps will be updated? I’m sure many customers rely on those apps for My Tasks in particular. The web app is, of course, a fallback but ideally there would not be a long period with a loss of functionality on mobile for this particular update.

Many thanks,



Can you apply these new “sections” in the Calendar view? I almost exclusively use calendar view and have no way to sort tasks except to give them a dummy due time.


Thanks @AaronE :+1: Have you planned to add custom fields to the view customization? For example, we use a custom field “Size” to estimate workload and tasks size, and it will be very useful to see this kind of extra information within the My Tasks section. So everyone could check at glance how many hours has planned – or left – for today, tomorrow or later.

I see you guys don’t want to pack the section too much. Perhaps, allowing custom fields and setting up a maximum number of active fields would be a nice compromize.

Thanks again

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Not initially for this new version; we can hope for having it added as a capability later on. :crossed_fingers:


Hi @lpb,

I believe the mobile app will be updated simultaneously since all updates have already been made for our mobile to support the new My Tasks!


Way to go, Asana! Thanks, @Marie!


Can I ask, are rules for my tasks going to be locked behind the premium pay wall?

If so, is there any plans in place to mitigate what will be a significant loss of functionality for users who don’t have a paid plan?


Hi Sam!

Short answer: NO.

Longer answer: While free users won’t have access to the more full set of rules that paid users will, free users will be able to create rules to move tasks to a certain section when the due date is approaching by a user-specified time, thus providing the equivalent capability (actually more flexible) as the current auto-promotion feature.


I just received this update today as an old (!) user added to a new client’s existing organization.

Very nice job on the onboarding screens that let you know it’s changing, choose either List or Board as a default, and then setup the headings (four styles available, or make up your own).

(See also Upcoming changes coming to My Tasks in Asana and the API! [breaking changes] - #20 by lpb for a bit more info.)



Hi everyone,

Good to see an update of My Tasks. My colleague just joint Asana and has this new layout. We are using premium.

What I liked most about the “old” was the autopromotion of task from later → upcomming → today. Does anyone know if this stil is possible? (because it seems that it are sections)
I can’t find it by my colleaguedoubt and doubt that it works because you can change the text of the default sections.

Besides that I made, in the “old” version, sections under Today where I sorted my tasks. Is that still possible?