Is there a way to show more tags in My Tasks?

Is there a way to show more tags in the My Task view ? “AW” is a project, “5” is a tag and represents 5 minutes for how long it will take and there is another tag “L” but “Low priority” but it doesn´t show… How do I get rid of the small grey field with dots…? I mean, I know I can click it and show the “L” but is there a way to display more than 2 tags? 2 tags seems to be the standard, then we have to click on the grey area with dots to show the rest. Help.

Thanks in advance,
Anna Wiman

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Hi @Anna_Wiman :wave:t3:

At the moment, unless you open the task details, there is no workaround to see more field (tags, custom fields…) on your My Tasks list. But we have exciting plans for My Tasks this year, and I’m hopeful that in the future you will be able to see a lot more fields from your task list! Keep an eye on our #community-forum-announcements category for future updates!

Thank you so much for your kind answer, Marie! Looking forward to whatever is ahead, loving Asana more and more each day :slight_smile:

Hi - has this changed at all? I have the exact same question.

Not at the moment @Nicolette, but we’re in the midst of launching a new My Tasks which will allow you to see tags into columns and give you more visibility on them. More info in this other post → Meet your new My Tasks

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