Why can’t I move tasks out of Recently Assigned on iOS

When I create a new task or one is assigned to me. It automatically appeared in Recently Assigned.

I can’t get it to today or any othe section. With date or manually.

Please advice.

@Michael_Harding are you able to confirm that you don’t have the options shown in these images when clicking on the “task options” via the ellipsis (…) from the task?


If not, you are likely already converted to My Tasks V2 which does away with the “Mark as…” feature and replaces that functionality through customized Sections and Rules. Learn more about the new My Tasks here: Meet your new My Tasks

That is correct. I do NOT have the Mark For menu any longer. Therefore, Asana is no longer useful as a task manager.

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@Michael_Harding I believe this just means your account has migrated to the new My Tasks where you can now create sections like Today, Upcoming and Later. Then either use Rules to move them (based on upcoming due dates) or manually do so by changing the section the task is in (similar to the Mark as feature)

I do believe there are some bugs on Mobile that are being worked on currently which might be creating some confusion here.

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