Open Thread: Introducing browser notifications! [Announcements] (8)

Hi everyone :wave: My name is Alex, and I’m an engineer at Asana. You’ve asked for browser notifications, and today I’m very excited to invite you to test out this new feature! Here’s how you can turn on browser notifi…

New sorting options available for Board Projects! [Announcements] (5)

Hi folks! I’m delighted to announce that you can now sort your Board projects by Due Date, Assignee, Likes but also by Alphabetical order and by Custom Fields! You learn more about this new feature and see some screens…

Asana Release Notes, November 2018 [Announcements] (9)

Hi folks :wave:t3: Here are the latest Asana releases notes: Portfolios: You can now organize projects by initiative, monitor their status in real time, and report on progress in both the web and mobile app with Por…

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