Open Thread: Asana Marketing is looking for your feedback! [Product Feedback] (4)

Hi, my name is Amulya and I work on our Product Marketing team here at Asana! We know that a lot of Operations teams use Asana to track and manage their work, and we’re looking to understand more about what Operations t…

Asana Release Notes, August 2018 ( 2 ) [Announcements] (24)

Hi folks! Please find below Asana’s most recent release notes: Drag multiple tasks on Boards view: Press command and select multiple tasks on your board to drag them across columns. Timeline task names: Task names…

New name, same mission! [Announcements] (3)

Happy Monday all! Some of you might have already noticed, but our Community has been renamed “Community Forum” and you can now access it via this brand new URL “”. If you’re still using the old URL (commu…

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