Feature Request: Drop down for My Tasks sections in task details view on IOS.

Hi Asana team,
I’m really enjoying the new My Tasks organization you launched this year with customizable sections and rules. It works really well for me on my laptop, but on my iPhone I really miss the ability to move a task around in my task list sections from within the task details view itself.

Before the My Tasks launch, from the task details view (the screen you get after tapping on a task) you could tap the “…” button and then choose “Mark for” to move the task to Today, Upcoming, or Later. This was really nice because no matter how you navigated to that task (from search, from a project task list, from the inbox) you could always put the task in the correct place in My Tasks without having to go to My Tasks and somehow find the task there (not always easy if you are managing a large number of tasks like me).

With the new My Tasks organization the “Mark for” action has been removed. So the only way to organize your tasks into the right sections in My Tasks is to find the task in that list and drag it to the right section. This can be a pain, because dragging a task a long way is slow and error prone. I triage my tasks into sections each morning and now it feels like I need to wait to do that until I get to my computer because the process just doesn’t flow well on my phone.

On the desktop version of Asana a list of your sections in My Tasks is shown in the task details view / right pane each time you open a task, and you can instantly move a task to any section in My Tasks by clicking the dropdown and choosing a section. Can we get this same feature on IOS? I imagine it would work much the same as moving a task between the sections in one of its projects, which you can do from the IOS task details view today.

Thanks for considering!

Hi @Brad_Haverstein, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback. This is on our Product team’s radar and they are currently working on a solution. I’ll let you know as soon as I have any updates :slight_smile: