There is no longer a drop down or other option to move tasks to sections in My Tasks on Android, iPhone and iPad Mobile Apps

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: Since the My Tasks Board View update there is no longer a dropdown option to move tasks to sections in My Tasks on Android, iPhone and iPad Mobile Apps. I’m not sure if this is an oversight or deliberate but it’s made organising tasks on mobile devices a real pain, in fact in my opinion the change has made My Tasks almost unusable on mobile devices.

Steps to reproduce: Open Asana App on mobile device, go to My Tasks, select a task, there is no drop down option to move the task into a section.

Browser version: Not using a browser

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Carl_Bedwell, thanks for reaching out!

Our Product team has confirmed that the lack of a Section mover is not a bug but currently intended behaviour as they had not planned to build this into the Android app. I’ll keep you posted if this changes in the future! :slight_smile:

@Rebecca_McGrath, it would be great to have this feature. If I am on the Android app and in a specific project with a task assigned to me, I can change the due date to the current date, but the task remains in a section in my tasks that isn’t my “today” section. In other words, I might completely forget that I made the change to the task when I finally get to my My Tasks to see what I need to work on. :grin: In that case, the task remains buried in another section (e.g., due in 14 days) and won’t automatically promote to my Due Today section. Does that make sense?


Same issue! I hope this gets resolved.

Same issue on iOS.

This makes the app very difficult to use.

Please add this feature.

I noticed today that this feature has been added to IOS.
Unfortunately it hasn’t been added to android yet, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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Android here:
I find the lack of this feature annoying :rage: because I use board view for My Tasks ordered by Due Date. In this view, you can’t drag-and-drop tasks between sections on mobile like you can on desktop: “Could not move task. This can happen if tasks are sorted, or if the task is comment-only” or if our designers implement unnecessarily nerfed features on mobile. Consequently, there’s no way to move tasks between My Tasks sections without turning off sorting:person_facepalming:.

If I’m missing something, I welcome guidance!

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Hi folks :wave: Good news! We are currently rolling out a Section Mover for Tasks in My Tasks :tada:

All Android users should have access to this by Feb 14. Don’t forget to update your devices! :vibration_mode: