Can't move tasks into sections in My Tasks

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I marked tasks as Today, Upcoming, etc. but no Sections appeared. I then created some new tasks, and a couple of them automatically when into a section. But I can’t move the others in.
Steps to reproduce:
Browser version: Chrome, but the same problem on Explorer

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Hi @Suzette_Mack and sorry for the trouble there.

Is your My Tasks sorted by due date? The Today and Upcoming sections are not available when your My Tasks list contains filters, which probably explains why you’re not seeing these sections at the moment! To learn more about the Today, Upcoming and Later section, have a look at this handy article from our Guide:

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That was exactly it! I didn’t see that anywhere in the help guides for My Tasks. What is the benefit of having those Sections, but NOT having them sorted by due date? I feel like I must be missing something important, why wouldn’t everyone want all their tasks sorted by due date all the time? I need to “work the list” in chronological order, but I did like having it visually broken up into several sections.

Hi @Suzette_Mack, tasks will automatically be promoted from Later to Upcoming and eventually Today as their due date gets closer, you can learn more about this in this handy article:, so while your tasks aren’t sorted by chronological order within each section, tasks you need to work on Today will always appear in your today section!