How do I get basic help?


The FAQ and other support topics on the Asana website are extremely limited. How can I get a quick question answered? For example, I read the instructions on how to place tasks in Marked For Today, Upcoming, Later sections. But how do you get these sections to appear in My Tasks?
Only the Marked For Today section appears, but I can’t move anything into it. I’ve even checked the task as “Mark for Today” but that didn’t move it into that seciton. It seems I can only enter new tasks into that section. And I don’t know how to create Upcoming and Later sections.


Hi Suzette :wave:,

Welcome to the forum! You came to the right place. Feel free to post any questions that you might have on the forum, there is a whole community that is here to help. If you are experiencing something that is a bug there is even a section within the forum to report bugs to Asana’s technical support team.

I think this post will answer your questions regarding the My Tasks sections. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

I hope that helps,

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I can’t move the tasks, they seem “stuck” at the top. I added a bunch of due dates several months out to a project, and one of them went automatically into a Later section, but the rest are all stuck in the top in no section! Screenshot attached image|690x487


Here is the screenshot


Hmmmm. I don’t see any blue dots next to your tasks to move them. If you have tried the keyboard shortcuts also (see below) I would consider putting in a ticket through the Report a Bug section. Prior to submitting a ticket I would log off and log back in to see if the issue persists. In addition, I would check multiple browsers just to make sure it isn’t a browser issue.



The blue dots disappeared once I selected one of the Mark for… options. I am using Chrome, most of my apps work better on Chrome so I don’t really want to change browsers. I will try logging out.


Logging off did not help. Interestingly, the task that is in the Later section has a blue dot as if it has not been marked yet.



At this point I would report it as a bug. They will ask which browsers that are effected though so they can make sure the bug is fixed properly. I understand that you like to use Chrome but checking it in other browsers will be helpful when you submit the ticket.



And where is the Report a Bug section? I went into Support, and checked out a whole bunch of topics, looked through all the menus (I Want To Learn, I;m Having Trouble With, etc) nothing tells where to report a bug. Tried to search but t just got links to some discussions, how to design a bug tracking project, etc. Aaah, I need a tutorial on navigating the support section! It is so hard to find information.


Scroll to the top of this feed and select the Asana Community icon that takes you to the main page of the forum. Here is a screenshot of the main page where you access the Report a Bug section.

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Thank you, didn’t realize all support goes through the community forum. Tried Explorer, nothing changed.


Not all support goes through the forum, you can still contact support other ways.


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This isn’t a bug. No need to report it. You’ve sorted your My Tasks by Due Date. You need to click the upper right toggle switch icon to bring up the view menu then select from Sort drop down “None” to have “Today, Upcoming, Later”



Hi Matthew,

That’s what I thought at first, but when you sort by date there are no sections. I think she just organized her tasks at the top by the due date.



When sorted by Due Date, you have a dropdown “Marked for Today” at the bottom. Inside of this, you can have sections. These sections are set up under your “Today” area of the “None” sorted My Tasks.

Now, how she got that one task to show up in Later… I’m not sure yet as I haven’t dug into it much, but I can assure you the “Marked for Today” is only for the “Due Date” sort.

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Thank you, that was the quick tip I needed!

I’m a bit baffled as to why you can’t have them sorted by due date AND have sections. In order for a to do list to work for me, I need to see the tasks in chronological order. I liked them visually broken down with Today, Upcoming Later because it’s less overwhelming. But then I spend too much time manually moving dozens of tasks into the right chronological order, so I am abandoning the sections.