My Tasks: Today/Upcoming sections don't appear

TLDR - I want the Today/Upcoming sections to appear in My Tasks. They don’t. I may have deleted them, how can I get them back?

I have the free version. On my My Tasks page, the sections “Today” and “Upcoming” don’t appear. The section “Later” does appear. When I assign tasks to “today” or “upcoming” they don’t go anywhere (they stay in the unlabeled list at the top). When I assign tasks to “later” they do move to the “Later” section. However a section has appeared that has “Marked for today - no due date” so if I assign a task that has no due date to “today” it goes to this section (but tasks with a due date stay in the unlabeled list at the top if I mark them for today).

I’ve used Asana for work, and in my work Asana (separate) I have “recently assigned” at the top, then Today/Upcoming/Later below. This is how I want my personal Asana to look, but I can’t make it work. I’ve recently gone back to using my personal Asana but I first signed up ages ago. I’m wondering if back then I accidentally deleted the “today” and “upcoming” and “recently assigned” sections somehow? Is this possible? How can I get back to the default set up, with “recently assigned” at the top and “today” “upcoming” and “later” below? I have tried creating new sections, but the problem is when I assign tasks to them, the tasks don’t go there.

Thanks for any tips.

Hi @Annette_Pacey :wave:

This is most likely happening because your My Tasks is sorted by due date. mAke sure your sorting is set to none, and you should see these sections again :slight_smile:

PS: Today, Upcoming and Later currently can’t be deleted, so now worries there!

Thank you so much Marie! That works perfectly, silly me!

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You’re welcome @Annette_Pacey :blush: We’re always here to help!