Can I disable the new 'Today, Upcoming and Later' sections in my tasks?

To me they serve no purpose other than cluttering up the user interface.

I like to have a clean linear overview of my tasks, not to have clutter in between that is irrelevant to my workflow.

Please give us an option do disable the new ‘Today, Upcoming and Later’ sections.

Thanks, Paul

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If there is no task inside them, the sections disappear. So you can leave everything into “New Tasks”. But there is no way to remove them all together.

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@Bastien_Siebman this isn’t correct anymore, we’re in the process of rolling out an update making these Section stick wether or not they’re empty.

@Paul999 the easiest way to get rid of these default Section is to sort your My Task by due date :slight_smile: Hope this helps!

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I forgot about this feature! Thanks

I just clicked on the “mark” out of curiosity. Now I have the same problem as @Paul999. We work with a custom week / tag system. The feature is presumably a good solution for some people, but why force it?


Agreed, that is ridiculous.

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Hey @Paul999

I felt my tasks were generally cluttered up too, but for a different reason.

Anyway I built this personal dashboard (now launched) to get a really linear clear view of my tasks for the day. Here’s the link :smile:

Hope this helps!

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This serves no purpose, plus my saved view goes to my organization, and is truly more frustrating than anything and completely unhelpful. If it is “my tasks” - then I should have a blank slate, save the view for only myself, and not have default headers or organization items forced. This honestly is a deal breaker and we will be looking for another product.

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I’m not a fan either. It makes task organization more chaotic and less intuitive.

  • “Today, Upcoming, Later” are redundant with assigning dates to tasks.
  • Since tasks end up going into the “Recently Assigned” bucket by default, and since Recently Assigned is the first section that I see, I find myself overly focused on those tasks to the detriment of any tasks that fall under the other headings.
  • I want my tasks grouped by sections, but when I create a section under one of these headings, it doesn’t persist when a task moves into one of the other headings.
  • “Upcoming, Later” are not meaningful indicators of task priority, and are not meaningfully different from one another

Is anything going to be done about this? Is there an update?
I tried using the sections and didn’t like it. Now those tasks are stuck in there because there is no way to list a task as “Recently Assigned” once it’s been put in the other sections.
Now my task list is a mess, even when I sort by due date it still groups within those sections.

You can decide to do everything inside Today, and just create your own sections in there. Would that work?

That sort of works. But it would be better if you could disable it.

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I could live with keeping all my tasks in Recently Assigned or Today if only added custom sections actually worked like sections and allowed me to expand and collapse them. It’s “my tasks.” Let me manage them the way that works best for me.

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