No New Tasks section in My Tasks

Hello, I noticed that there is no “New Tasks” section in “My Tasks”. Only “Recently Added”, “Today”, “Upcoming”, & “Later”. Is this a known issue? Thanks!

Hi @Thomas_K
Yes this has been recently rolled, “Recently Added” is effectively the same as “New Tasks” and works the same way.




Thanks! I realized that and noticed if you sort in the “My Tasks” page, it will remove the “Today”, “Upcoming”, & “Later” sections.
As I’m learning this software and becoming more proficient, I’m REALLY starting to love the work flow! Came from Trello and Meistertask and so far, this seems to be superior for what I need!

Glad to hear you are enjoying Asana @Thomas_K make sure you check out the training and the Asana Guide which has some great content and suggestions on how to get the most out of Asana.

Also the community here is always available to offer help…