Sections missing in "later"



Our team just started using asana a couple weeks ago. Today i noticed all the sections i had previously created to organize my tasks are gone. By section i mean the ones i created with the colon. Also, this is only happening with within “Later”. The sections in “Today” and “Upcoming” are still there. FYI: We also haven’t started using Projects yet. Please advise


The ‘later’ section of My Tasks works slightly differently, so that’s expected. Sections you created for the other areas won’t show up because the Later section is sorted by project rather than manually sorted the way the others are.

So if you don’t have projects, Later would just be a big section of ‘No project’, so it’s easy to miss and probably explains the confusion =)

‘My Task’ Sections only work in Today/Upcoming!


Ok. It’s odd that we’ve been using the sections to organize the Later for a few weeks now and today is when it decides not stop working.


Maybe I steered you wrong then if it was working before…that’s how I always understood it when others mentioned it. @Alexis for insight =)


I had the same thing in mind than @Caisha :thinking:


Hi there! Sorry for the delay here. Were you able to find a solution @Joe1? I would be inclined to provide the same insights as Caisha, given how the Later section is organized. The sections might have been “checked off” by someone accidentally, as well. It seems odd that something would suddenly happen. Please let us know how things are going :slight_smile: