Cannot Create a Section in My Tasks, Later

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Cannot create sections under Later in My Tasks

Steps to reproduce:
Create a section in My Tasks. Works fine in Recently Assigned/Today/Upcoming.
Move to Later and it gets transformed to a normal task under No Project.
Same happens if you try to create in Later
Move it back into one of the other priorities and it transforms back into a section again.

Browser version:

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HI @Alex_Bailey1 and thank you for taking time to report this!

You are completely correct in noticing that you are not able to create a Sections in the Later Section of your My Tasks List. This is actually not a Bug but a recent changed we have made.

Please let me provide you with some context on this change: we are currently in the process to allow all users to convert Projects between the List and Board format.

Building this functionality required that both views function similarly on the backend and, due to Lists being several years older than Boards, this wasn’t the case to start with. While updating Lists, we’ve decided to remove the functionality you have noted today since it was both time-intensive to update and are infrequently used.

I apologize for any inconvenient that this might have cost you. If you have any further questions or queries, please let me know and I’ll be happy to assist you further.

Have a nice day!

Hi Natalia,
Thanks for your detail;ed reply. Much appreciated.
I know you are making changes to sections to assist the improvement of boards functionality. (Hence why the “:” function to transform a task into a section was also removed).

Having no Sections in Later isn’t too much of a problem.
However I would like to mention a related issue I think could be improved:- I put sections into Today (eg AM/PM/Evening) and also into Upcoming (eg Tomorrow/Wed/Thurs).
Unfortunately these dividers tend to float about between tasks as new tasks are added and I have to keep re-organising the grouping. It would be nice if somehow these section headers could be made to stay in place better. One for the wish-list !

Kind regards,


You can ensure these sections (they’re actually called separators now) stay in place by putting them all within Today and having at most one separator in Upcoming.

Your Today separators shouldn’t ever get shifted automatically.

Your single Upcoming separator should be placed above all tasks currently there and it won’t get moved either, and all newly-added Upcoming tasks will be grouped above it so you can recognize the auto-promoted ones.

I also include a New: separator as the last row of Today to separate auto-promoted tasks into Today.

I’ve been using this approach successfully. It is up to you to organize within these sections after auto-promotion because how could Asana know where you want tasks placed in your custom structure? But my approach lets me see these newly-appearing tasks clearly which is desirable.

Hope that helps,


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Hi Larry,

Thanks for helping out here.

I’m still just learning Asana.

When I say the separators are moving, I think it’s due to new tasks getting created between the Today/Upcoming and the separators at the top of those priority

Also I think I’m still having issues with selection and dragging, as I find the highlighted tasks too faint and I’m used to a more positive user interface that
you get with traditional Window applications.
(These modern developers seem to want to make everything so pale and vague).

I’ll try your suggestions.

Thanks again,


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