Sections Greyed Out

I’m not sure why, but some of my projects have the add section button greyed out? Moreover, to test the ability to create a section on the board side, now I have created a section that I can’t get rid of. I wish I didn’t use the project I used either, because the users in that project aren’t the best with change!

Any help to fix this would be great.


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Hi @Francesco_Alessi and sorry to hear you are running into trouble here.

Just to be sure I understood this issue can you please confirm the following information?

  1. In a particular Project you are not able to create a new Section when using the List view but you can definitely create one while using the Board view. Is that Correct?

  2. Is this happening in all your Projects or only some of them?

  3. Regarding the section you cannot delete: Does it contains any task? (At the moment, to be able to delete a Section, you need to first make sure there are not Tasks nested in this section)

Just to let you know, we are currently rolling out an update that allows you to delete Sections even if they contain tasks. This has been gradually rolled out and will be available to everybody in the following days.

Looking forward to your reply Francesco! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Francesco_Alessi

This often happens when users have their project sorted by Assignee or due date for example, can you confirm if this is your case?

That’s probably because there are still some tasks below this section. Try and set your view to All tasks, and remove any tasks below this section, you should then be able to delete it (ps: we’re currently rolling out an update allowing users to delete sections even when they contain tasks, but it is currently only available to 50% of users, so until it’s rolled out to your account, just make sure there are no tasks under the Sections you want to delete).

Hope this helps!


Yes, it had tasks in it. I so wish I didn’t use that project to test the new sections, as when I created the section, it put all the tasks under it, and there were well over 600! Then I couldn’t figure out how to get the tasks out. Finally I figured out I had to drag them out… but I could only do 50 at a time. That was brutal!

I hope at some point you can program a way to delete a section and leave any tasks behind. I’m sure having the option to delete all tasks, incomplete tasks, completed tasks or no tasks within a section would be the best implementation.

Also, I was sorted by person when the add/delete section buttons were greyed out.


Can any on Please help … On my Junior team members task list, I want to divide the tasks in section but the section is greyed out and I can not click on this , please help

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