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Has anyone noticed in “List” view - when you create a section, you can never get away from “section” view again?

It’s aggravating to have to create a new project, sans “sections” to achieve this goal.


Hello @Joe6, I am a bit confused about what you are looking to accomplish. Can you please elaborate?

Especially what do you mean by this? Do you want to have a project in list view without sections?

Hey Andrea :slight_smile:

Yes - when you start a project, you inherently have no sections.

And if you add, say, 4 sections and use them for a time. And then you decide, for example, to use custom fields to categorize your tasks and you want to delete the old sections - you cannot, it is “grayed” out.

You can’t return to the original state, in other words.

Oh I see. You definitely should be able to delete sections and then you can decide what you want to do with the tasks inside this section:

Now in regards to also moving the last section left I remembered we discussed this here.

Can you check if you have a filter or sort enabled? Sometimes when you have something selected under sort it won’t work. So double-check to ensure “sort” is set to none and no filter.

Let me know if the buttons to delete the section are still greyed out then.

@Joe6 - I think you are referring to when you open a project, it appears to have no sections. And, you want a way to be able to get back to that after you’ve created sections, right?

Well, it’s a bit odd – but this is how it works:
When you create a blank project, you do have 1 section, but it’s only visible in Board view. It’s just called “Untitled Section” and only shows up in list view if you change the name. So, it’s there, but it’s invisible until you rename it. So, you actually never have a no-sections project. You just can’t see the first one until you change the name of it in board view.

I know it’s weird, but that’s how it works. And, unfortunately, as you’ve discovered, you can’t get back to that situation after you’ve renamed or deleted that section.

I know it’s an odd/unintuitive experience, but does that make sense?

Ah, that does make sense for understanding the problem. Thanks! Just aggravating as I hope to organize by custom fields in some areas and once a section is “named” (or in my previous thinking, “created”) - the custom field sorting is no longer “clean”.

No, that didn’t work, Andrea. Here’s a screenshot. You’ll see that there is no filter or sort there, but “delete” section is greyed out. :frowning:

Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 8.03.37 AM

Even worse, when I sort by my custom field, it keeps the one remaining section, which is duplicative and serves no purpose:

It should look like this - nice and clean:

@Joe6 - one change that’s not perfect but should look a little nicer is open the sort button and toggle the “Sort within Sections” toggle at the bottom. It’ll help a bit.

@Joe6 you haven’t by chance added these section using a bundle have you? If so they only way to remove the section is to remove the bundle!

Ah, I see so this section shows on top / first.
Grab this section and move it further down. Then you should be able to delete it (At least this worked on my end).
Can you try?

Sorry to belabor the point, but @Andrea_Mayer and @Danielle-GenD - I’m fairly sure he can’t delete the “Next Meeting” section because it’s his only section.

The other things we are seeing there, “Action Item”, “Discussion Item”, and “Waiting >> Team” are his custom fields and he is sorting by custom field. That’s why they look like sections.

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Oh yes you are right, I missed that.

@Joe6 - you have 2 options at this point:

  1. Create a new project (and do not add sections and do not open the board view to change the name of the “Untitled Section”) and then migrate your tasks
  2. Create sections to match your task category names and either:
  • Just use sections for organizing your tasks
  • or create a Rule (automation) for each section so that when you select a task category from your custom field, the task moves to the appropriate section and vice versa (if you select the section, have it choose the right task category).

Here’s the help article to explain how to use Rules:

If you would like one free 15-min help session, you can click my profile and use the book link for Quick Help.

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Thanks all! Appreciate the thoughtful replies. It does appear that I have to create a new project. Oh well :slight_smile: Thanks!

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