Remove the last section from a project

It before I give up and start a new project from scratch (and transfer tasks to it) from my testing it seems that once you have a project with sections it is impossible to go back to the “original” state of having a project without any sections (or the defualt Asana “Untitled” section) is this what others have found?

It seems project must have at least one section and if the original “untitled” section is deleted that remaining custom section is represented on Board and Timeline view which is what I am trying to get away from in this particular project.

Related Tangent… does anybody wish they could have different sections for different views (List, Timeline/Board)? is there any discussion or feature request for such a thing?


Hello @Mike_Hoefer,

yes correct there would always be at least one column/section.

I mean you can always rename sections or also delete them. When you want to delete them you have the option to keep all tasks or delete them as well.

In case you want to reorganize your board and don’t wanna do it in the main one or if you want to start fresh you can always create a new project and the bulk move tasks via list view

Currently this is not possible yet, here is an existing feedback request thread:

Does that help?


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