Remove untitled section in Board view

I created a new list with some sections and somehow, whenever I move a task to it from a different project, it chooses “Untitled Section” and moves it above all created sections. After I move it to the correct section it looks fine. But there is no section above my created section to delete. This doesn’t happen with any of my other projects. How do I delete this ghost “untitled section” from a project?


@Zvi_Twersky there is an older post on this you can search for. It’s a function of the List <> Boards change. From the List View the untitled section is essentially hidden until you give it a name. The reason this exists is so that there is a place to map tasks that don’t appear within a section from within the Board view. You can easily rename the section from that view. Otherwise, it will show as untitled from the task detail window.


@Zvi_Twersky here is an older comment I posted in a thread that might give you more background on what you are seeing:

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I read the post you lined to and your answer but still cannot figure out what I need to do to get rid of the untitled section.

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The only thing you can do is rename it to something else, but if you then pull tasks outside and above this renamed section it will create a new “untitled section”. There always needs to be a dedicated “container” to collect tasks that are added to a project. This “container” is what holds the tasks that appear in the first column from the board view.

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I’m struggling with the same issue: I can’t remove the “Untitled section” in List view (not Board!), and this definitely sounds like a bug to me. Because we are NOT talking about not having a default container to hold tasks, we’re talking about not DISPLAYING that default container in a specific view (List). Anyone knows how to hide it in List view?

In my case, I really see a clear issue/bug here, and here’s how to trigger it. if I create a new project the “Untitled section” is not visible in List view by default. It becomes visible as soon as I switch to Board view, create at least 1 other (than default “Untitled section”) board, and “Untitled section” becomes visible. If I then delete all extra boards, it does NOT help: once “Untitled section” becomes visible in List view, it remains so no matter what. But the problem: if I only have the one default container, why in the world would I want to see it in List? What’s the value-added from it?

My suggestion: always hide the default container as long as it’s called “Untitled section”. This would elegantly solve hiding or showing it for all cases and all users: e.g. whoever wants/needs to see the default container would just need to rename it to something else. For those who want/need to hide it: 1) make sure only 1 container remains and 2) that it’s called “Untitled section”.

Hello @R111 and thanks for posting to the forum. I couple responses to your post.

While it might not be the cleanest user experience and creates a big of confusion, it isn’t a bug.

… but we are though. Default container is nothing more than the section in which tasks initially get assigned to prior to a user or Rule moving them.

I’ll follow this explanation with a screen recording to make it clearer. The “untitled section” isn’t shown in the List View by default because the layout allows for such. It still very much exists though. Evidence of such is when switching to the Board View, you see the “untitled section” in the far left. In the Board View you would have a floating column with no assigned name to it if it didn’t show “untitled section”. This would likely cause even more confusion.

So when does “untitled section” show? Well… NOT when you just add a new Column in the Board View or Section in the List View. It doesn’t show until you have ANOTHER column in the far left position or move a Section above the invisible section in the List View. You can indeed get it back to the way it original was (where the “untitled section” is no longer listed in List View. All you need to do is move a task ABOVE the first Section in the list view.

Whatever is the top section of your List View or the far left Column in your Board View is the default container for the project. Matter of fact, while the section is invisible in the Task Details you can see where you can associate a task to the “untitled section”.

Your suggestion is essentially how it works but instead of the default container having a specific name it is essentially invisible when it has yet to be named. While it might not make sense at first, I think the way it works today is a very simple and elegant way of doing it… for the most part.

Here is a screen recording as a demo (apologies for being long-winded. I didn’t anticipate it would take 4min to demonstrate :wink:: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software


There was no way to rename it because it wasn’t displaying at all (in list view):


After reading R111’s post, I switch to the Board view, and there it was! I was able to delete it from there and then went back to list view.

I agree with R111 that this is definitely a bug. Why would an untitled section display in Board mode and not in List mode?

Because board is made of column and tasks outside of any named column need to go into a column. However in list view you can have a task outside of a section.

Ok, so it’s not a functional bug but rather a design bug.

I believe the section is intentionally not shown from the list view when it is the default “untitled section”.

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In List view, it will not show, ‘(no section)’
In BOARD VIEW, you can see (No Section) as a column, and can delete, if there are no TASKS etc.
Or move tasks to different section, before deleting.
What I did is, renamed ‘(no section)’ as ‘()’

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Yes, we’ve established that the way you delete it is in BOARD view. There’s just no good explanation as to why Asana wouldn’t show us this section in list view as well? It just confuses new users and forces them to waste time researching the forums.

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Again, I don’t mind if I’d be able to choose if to see it in list view, the issue is for new users that don’t use board view, never see it at all in list view and don’t see any option to set it to default or not (or delete it) - only after wasting time on the forum will they find out that you can only see and manage the default section from the board view.

If they want to hide the default section from the list view - that would be fine if it wasn’t the automatic place that new tasks are sent to - but when new tasks in list view get throw above all sections because there’s a “hidden” untitled section" in the board view - that’s only deletable in board view, no one can ever know that without wasting time figuring that out.