Sections are dead! Long live sections!

Hi @Will_Reade—Sorry, but I have no knowledge of any future product changes to sections.

One of my workspace have been migrated, and my “floating” tasks are now in a new list called (no section). I have no idea how to make difference between project that was already of type “board”, vs an old type list migrated to type board, except that new section. If all tasks were aready in sections, that new section doesn’t seem to be created.

Columns in a board became sections in a list, and vice versa. The only difference is that old sections that were tasks became an actual section AND a task to keep the data they hold. Does it make sense now?

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I am using the Asana API just to create tasks. I used to be able to get the Project ID & Section ID for the Membership I want the created task to belong to by using the browser. I could click the Project and get the Project ID, and click the Section to get the Section ID value from the URL. Now when I click the Section header it just expands/collapses the section. Is there still a way to get a Section ID using the browser?

There is not “vice versa”, as it was possible to create tasks in a project but not in a section (membership.section is null). Now that the migration seems to be almost over, it’s impossible to get tasks without section in a “board” project. And, for each project, there’s a new section called “(no section”), and these tasks are assigned to it. And, in the board view, this new column is the first one.

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From the Board view, each Card must live within a Section/Column. The “(no section)” column is actually the “default” Section/Column serving as a “container” to capture any new incoming tasks added to the project. The UI doesn’t support for a column to not show it’s name much like is done from the List View. This might be good #productfeedback for the team to consider in the future if you find having a Column called “(no section)” is confusing.

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Thank you for your comment.
In fact, I was not asking a question, it’s just to inform people of what happen when list projects are converted to board, a new section appear, containing all tasks that were assigned to section=null.
We noticed that all our workspaces were converted in the last few days, I suppose that their complete migration will end soon.

That is the expected behavior yes.

I don’t believe this is an indication of their progress. Let’s hope it’s done soon!

@Joe_Trollo Can you help me figure out how to correctly determine what section a task is in? Your starting message in this thread suggests that it should be in the memberships field of a task, but after adding memberships to my opt_fields list, the API gives "memberships":[{}] for all my tasks on a section-migrated project. This is using the /projects/[id]/tasks endpoint.

Hi @Brian_Victor, the opt_fields parameter operates by providing you only with the fields you’ve selected. The memberships objects have two inner fields, project and section, that you need to select, i.e., by setting opt_fields=memberships.(project|section). You can refer to our documentation for more information.

Hi @Joe_Trollo, is there by any chance a way to keep the old system for the sections :sweat: ? I am currently discovering the new system as it seems our organisation got migrated last week and I have one big issue.

We have several projects we use as calendars with hundreds of tasks in each of them. Therefore we almost exclusively use the “sort by due date” option in combination with the list display to manage those projects. We then used sections as separators for each month to help us to scroll quickly to the good month when looking for a specific event.

But now, sections can’t have due date anymore… As a result, the “sort by due date” became less relevant as we can’t use separators in combination with this option. We instead have a list of hundreds of tasks with a tiny due date displayed, and at the end our sections which are now totally useless… Using the board display is also out of question for us as we have too many tasks.

Is there any hack to create separators with due dates like before ? Or give a section a due date to make it sorted correctly when using the “sort by due date” option ? I know I could use tasks for that but there are a lot less impactful visually than the sections…

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You can create a task and call it “-------I AM A SECTION--------” :slight_smile:


Hi @JB_BRU, this thread is for the API changes only. You can leave product feedback about this feature in the corresponding product thread. I can say that there is no “going back” in terms of using tasks as separators, but I cannot speak to the long-term product roadmap for the new column-backed sections.


Well in the end that is what i did, but it feels a lot less elegant than before :sweat_smile:

@Joe_Trollo ok no problems, I will do the feedback in the corresponding thread.


Hello all, I have an update on our timeline to share. As of right now, 90% of all workspaces have been migrated to the new sections data model. The outstanding migrations are:

  • The last 10% of workspaces
  • The “Personal Projects” workspace
  • Projects with more than 10,000 tasks (even in the 90% of migrated workspaces, these large projects were skipped)

This remaining work will not be completed at the same pace as the primary migration, and it may still be several more months until we roll out a solution for large projects and the Personal Projects workspace. Thank you for your patience!


Hi Joe,

we have some quite large projects and I observed that tasks can’t be added to at least 1 of our projects from 16.11.2019 03:52:33.000 till 19.11.2019 21:00:39.000 see [1]. As this is more than 4 days it would be important for us to know which of our project still need to be migrated as well as how long the migration for each will need.

I didn’t manage to find out which projects were already migrated using the java api client – manually checking some projects I see that at least 5 projects still have the This project is unable to be viewed as a board. info which indicates they haven’t been migrated, see [2].


com.asana.errors.ForbiddenError: Forbidden (Cannot add task to project. Project undefined is being migrated. Check out for more information.)


Best Regards,
Findling Ronald

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Hi @Ronald_Findling,

For us to better address the issue with your specific projects/workspace, could you reach out to our support team to continue the conversation? You can reach them at this link.

Any news on the overall progress? Can’t wait to decommission the code managing the two cases (migrated and unmigrated workspaces)…

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As of the last internal update, the remaining migrations are:

  • The “Personal Projects” workspace (for which the migration is currently in progress)
  • Less than 100 projects that had unusual anomalies or regressions that need to be investigated and re-migrated

If your app/script doesn’t operate in the “Personal Projects” workspace, and you are okay ignoring the last handful of projects that are still being fixed (either accepting crashes or checking for columns and ignoring projects without any) you can consider it safe to assume that all projects are in the new data model.

I’ll continue to provide updates here as we wrap up the migration.