New project has a different name for the default section than every other project

I recently created a new project. There are no sections. However, unlike every other project I have, Asana is calling the catchall, unnamed section “Untitled section”. In every other project, it’s called “(no section)”.

The reason this is a problem for me is because I use Asana integration in a scheduling app. It displays my task names. It also displays section names at the beginning of the task name, unless the tasks are in the default section called “(no section)” (then it will just display the task name). Every task for the new project has “Untitled section” displayed at the start of it, making it difficult to see what the task actually is because the label takes up so much room, particularly when I’m on mobile.

I’ve tried naming the untitled section and then moving all the tasks above it, to the new unnamed section. The new one is still called “Untitled section”, though. I can see it next to the project name when I look at tasks in Asana, and I can see it at the start of every task for that project in the other app.

Again, no other project has this problem–only the new one. Every other project calls this section “(no section)”. I don’t know why this one project is different from every other one. What can I do to fix it?

Hi @Tess_Robertson, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! Can you confirm if the “Untitled section” appear in Board or List view? Can you also try to create another new project and see if you experience the same?

Looking forward to your reply!

Thanks @Emily_Roman! Sorry, I guess I was unclear. The default section in unnamed in List view. Of course, you can see its name in Board view because it has to have a displayed name there. However, I don’t care about that and that isn’t the problem.

The problem is that the actual name of the default section for this one project is “Untitled section”, unlike every other project where it is called “(no section)”. You can always see the the section name next to the project name when you look at task details. You can also, of course, see it in Board view. I need the default section to be named “(no section)”, like it is for every other project, because this is messing up integration with another app.

I tried creating two new projects, one on mobile and the other on desktop, and the default section is called “Untitled section” for both of these, too! They also have the exact same problem when I view the fake tasks I created through my other app. It’s so strange because none of my old projects have this problem.

Good news! I’m still not sure why all my new projects have this problem by default, but I was messing around with my new fake projects and I discovered that I can change the name of the default section to “(no section)” in Board view and that works correctly with my other app.

I tried to change it in List view yesterday (after going to Board view and interacting with the name, which made it visible in List view), and that didn’t work. I thought I had tried this other strategy too, but I guess I didn’t! Or else it didn’t work yesterday but it worked today.

This does create the slightly strange side effect that now I can see the label for the default section in List view ("(no section)"), but it still seems to be a true default because new tasks are automatically placed in that section. As long as it works, that’s the important thing!