Allow Board view columns to be different than List view’s sections

Continue to default board view columns to match list view’s sections, but also enable alternate choices, for example, that the columns could correspond to a chosen select custom field’s option values.

For example, if the project had a Priority single-select field I could choose it and the columns would be High, Medium, and Low. Or if the project had a Phase field, they could be Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3.

I’ve created this thread at @Marie’s request because the thread:

was recently closed when this was just released:

The closed thread had a mix of requests, some of which were addressed by the newly-released feature, but one was not, and that’s what I’m capturing in this new request.

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PS Related: Until/if this becomes available, many are unaware that you can currently in Asana achieve very different grouping structures in List view and Board view. I offer that tip here:


Agreed. I am currently using custom field for kanban states (to-do, doing, done). Having the ability to customize sections differently for List and Board view would be great. Even selecting a field for column headers would be good (use Status single-select field as headers).


Thanks, @Michael_Milroy.

Your post reminded me of a related tip, so I just updated my OP here with a postscript; please have a look in case it might be of value.