Cannot Delete Sections.. even when NOTHING is associated to it.

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I have Sections in projects that WILL NOT delete. There is nothing at all assocaited to them. No people, no complete or incomplete tasks… nothing. Still the “delete” funtion is greyed out and I cannot delete them. What am I missing?


Steps to reproduce:

Browser version: Chrome 77.03

Upload screenshots below:

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When hovering the delete button, do you see any tooltip that would explain why?

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Hi @Michael_Liuzza,

Could you please share a screenshot of your set up and what’ you’re seeing? Could be super useful to help us understand what’s going on there!

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi @Marie
Some colleagues of me have already encountered the same issue:

This screenshot is done in the “All tasks” view.

@Marie this topic is the same as the following one:
Unable to delete a Section

I have been waiting more than 2 weeks to get this delete section feature available (it said the features were rolling out). My sections are now piled up and this is stressful not being able to delete them!

Also, I’d actually prefer ‘Mark as Complete’ as deleting means removing it from Asana.


Very simple to understand. I cannot delete a section despite nothing at all associated to it. This seems like such an incredibly simple, intuitive thing, yet it does not work.

How do I delete these unwanted sections?


Thanks @Julien_RENAUD and all involved here!

@Julien_RENAUD in order for me to investigate and escalate this issue, could you please send me via DM the Project and Section URL? Could you also send me a full screenshot?

Thank you!
cc @Natalia :slight_smile:

Any word on this fix? Thank you!

Having the same issue. All tasks within a section are complete, but can’t delete the section title.

Hi @John_Cessna and welcome to the forum!

That’s actually expected behavior and not a bug - you can only delete a section if it has NO tasks in it. If it has any tasks, whether completed or incomplete, it can’t be deleted.

(The bug being discussed here is that people report having sections with NO tasks in them which they can’t delete.)

Phil is correct. I have nothing at all associated to these sections. Zilch. Still the delete option remains greyed-out.

Hi @Marie

I just saw my colleague, and she hasn’t had the problem since yesterday, so I can’t send you any more screenshot…
Now, “delete section” is no longer grayed out. We can now delete a section if it is empty but also if there are tasks inside, and in this case a message alerts us:


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I just read that soon we’ll be able to delete a section without deleting everything in it :slight_smile:


Marie, I still have the problem.

Hi @Michael_Liuzza, could you please send me via DM the following info:

  • A screenshot of your project showing your empty Section (please make sure to set your Project view to All Tasks and include your entire browser window)
  • The URL of your project
  • A screenshot of what you see in place of the “Delete Section” menu

Many thanks for your help!

Hi @Michael_Liuzza :wave:

Can you please confirm if you are still running into this issue? If yes, would you mind providing the information requested by @Marie so we can investigate what might be happening?

Thank you for your help! Looking forward to your reply!

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FYI: If the project is sorted by Due Date, the delete function is grey. If I sort by None I can delete the section.


My analysis of this is that in other sort than None, when seeing the section, you don’t have the big picture of it. You only see a fraction of it. So allowing deletion is risky.

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