Deleting Sections - Don't deletes multi-home tasks in ALL projects

We just had to learn it the hard way that deleting a section in one project delets the contained tasks not only in this project, but everywhere (we often have a task in 2-3 different projects at the same time)! Why would I want to do that? This did not become clear at all from the warning that pops up before deleting the section. Is this on purpose or is it a bug? In case it is meant to be like this, a clearer warning would have been very nice.
Did I get it right that the only way to delete a section without srewing our entire Asana system, is to first manually move all tasks from this section to some place save, then delete the section?

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This is not a bug. A task that belongs to several projects actually exists “once”, so doing anything to the task would do it in all the projects. Hence deleting a section deletes the tasks in it, everywhere.

Yes, as long as deleting a section means deleting the tasks inside. It might change soon…

Hi @Martina!

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience here. As @Bastien_Siebman has explained, this is the current behaviour when deleting a Section (it will delete all tasks nested in it including the multi-homed ones). I’ve slightly modified the title of this thread so it better reflects your request and is more discoverable for other users to upvote. I hope it’s Ok.

We also have two existing threads regarding Sections. I’m listing them below in case you want to upvote them:

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with Martina! Have a nice week!

Um, I agree it’s not a bug but it is a lousy change to a feature that significantly worsenS usability. So worse than a bug, IMO, because it’s intentional and shows a lack of care for established user base processes.

Sections have become nigh unmanageable. Moving tasks between sections is a pain. Having tasks end up in weird sections when adding to a project is disorienting. Can’t even create a section on the fly when adding a task to a project. And mobile, oh my even worse.

Asana’s usability is declining for me daily because I have to keep adjusting my personal habits (keyboard strokes, simple processes, etc) and project/task implementations because things just work differently on the meta level.

All of which is tolerable if you know roadmap and feature direction and can adjust in time. I knew the section changes were coming but oh my lord I did not expect the interface usability to take three steps back!


This is not a good feature at all, deleting a section deletes all the completed tasks!!! Please change this.


I just added my vote to the mentioned post. Think the solution would be for Asana to implement the same logic as when deleting a project. by only deleting “Any unassigned tasks that are only in this project”