Deleting Sections WITHOUT Deleting Tasks

We ned to be able to delete a section without the tasks within being deleted.
Deleting a section which has tasks within should throw up the option to delete or orphan the enclosed tasks.

Hi Gareth,

I suppose it would be a good feature for Asana. But there is an alternative way for this action. (If you are using Windows) While you pressing the shift and ctrl you can select the tasks which you don’t want to delete and than move the all tasks somewhere else and than you can delete the section.

Agreed, but the way we use Asana, we create hundreds of tasks per week within many sections that are started/completed quite quickly. Asana has a limit of selecting max. 50 tasks as a time. I have 1 section at the moment with 2500 tasks in it that I want to delete.

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Hi @Gareth_Little,

I can completely understand the pain that you are feeling. 2500 is a lot of tasks! Seems like that ability to select more than 50 tasks might help decrease the burden. Based on how they have redesigned the sections Asana might be able to accommodate that modification more quickly. You may want to start a product feedback to be able to select more than 50 tasks for voting. Just a thought.


We would like this feature too. Even just letting us mark a section as complete would be helpful.

I would think that if you had tasks in two projects, and you delete a section from one project, that it would leave the tasks in the other project intact. Apparently not. Please fix this.