Mark Sections as Complete (in new spreadsheet List view)

NEED: The ability to mark a section as complete so it no longer appears within a project when filtering for incomplete tasks. AND to be able to do that without deleting the history of tasks within that section.

SUGGESTION: Add an option to sections and boards to either a) complete the section as you would a task, or b) archive the section as you would a project.

*Please do not conflate this issue with the need to be able to delete a section. These are two related but fundamentally different issues. Also, this issue specifically relates to the new section layout.


1. Basic Functionality

This is very basic functionality.

When a task is completed, it can be marked complete. I can review completed tasks by filtering for ‘All Tasks’.

When a project is completed, I can archive it. I can review archived projects by clicking on ‘Show archived projects’, within a given team (that bit is clunky, but at least the data is there).

The new sections are great in many ways. But they can neither be completed nor archived, which is silly.

2. Delete Isn’t the Answer


An important basic function is the ability to review previously completed tasks.

We need that data:
a) to track the progress of work,
b) to reference details contained in attachments and comments on completed tasks, and
c) sometimes to copy a completed set of tasks as a template for new work.

3. Current Hacks

The hacks we’ve identified to manage this issue in the meantime are as follows:

a) I can delete the section.

That removes it from the project view but eliminates all historical data. *Currently sections can’t even be deleted without first deleting all the tasks within it. That is even more silly. I understand there is a fix in the works to resolve this. That’s good but DOES NOT SOLVE the issue defined here.

b) I can create an ‘Archive’ section at the bottom of the project, move all completed tasks there, and then delete the old section.

This removes the section from project view and preserves the data of the original tasks. But now the tasks have lost their structure that we took pains to define through the way we set up the sections in the first place. I’m left with a giant pile of random tasks inside an Archive folder I’d rather not have cluttering my project.

c) I can create a task within the archive that has the name of the old Section. Then I can move all the tasks from the old section into subtasks in the new task within the Archive section. Then delete the old section.

That still leaves me with an unwanted ‘Archive’ section in my project, but at least it is just one unwanted section and the order of the tasks and associated data is preserved. But really? Man that is an unreasonable amount of tedious administration.

Those are the current options we’ve been able to identify. Are we missing anything?

Hi @Antoine_Palmer, we have an interesting #productfeedback thread (Archive a Section in a Project) requesting an option to Archive Sections so if you’re ok with it, I can merge it to consolidate feedback on this topic and help the Community voice to have maximum impact!

Please don’t. I appreciate your point but that thread is confusing as it relates to the old sections layout and addresses a somewhat different issue.

I’ve already given my vote to that thread. I see what you mean but I believe the distinctions are important.


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Highly agree with everything you have said. Cannot believe the new version has meant losing this functionality, along with having overarching task information being able to be stored with the section header.

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We use sections extensively, but we complete sections & don’t want them to show forever. I used to be able to mark a section complete (similar to a task). Recently, I noticed that this option is no longer available. This severely impacts our ability to use Asana efficiently.

It looks like my only options are to delete the section (which would also delete the associated completed tasks, which we do not want to do) or rename thes ection, which isn’t what we want to do either.

I totally understand how, from a programming perspective, it might make sense to take away the incomplete/complete attribute from a section (that really is more of a task attribute.)

But I need a way to have the section exist in the history without it polluting my view of current tasks.

Can you please let me know how to accomplish this? If it’s not possible with the most recent updates, can you please consider adding a “Hide Section” option as a high priority feature request?

Also responded under New Section Dilemma discussion in use cases, New Section Dilemma


This has also greatly impacted my workflow. If we can mark Projects and Tasks complete, we should be able to mark the step between them (Sections) complete or hide them. Asana, as a productivity program, should understand that there are always different reasons why that kind of feature may be needed. The fact that the update removed a feature is the opposite of productivity.

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Same as everything said above. I would like to be able to mark a section complete and keep a link to its tasks in the completed tasks view. I don’t really want to delete the section and I definitely don’t want to have to remove all its completed tasks in order to delete it.


Completely agree with the above sentiments - we regularly used the “Mark Complete” function on Sections, Deleting sections (and all contained tasks) is not a viable option as we do regularly refer back to completed Sections. Can this feature be reimplemented?

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