How to complete a section?

The new sections seem cool, but how do we complete them? We’ve completed all the tasks in one, but it remains at the top of the project, with no way to complete it.


Yes it looks like the intended behavior “for now”. I am saying for now because my gut feeling is that once the migration to the next section model is done, sections might become a lot smarter, for example with ability to complete them or with a completeness status based on underlying tasks, automatic sum of custom fields on them… But I have no confirmation of this, just an intuition.


I’ve just recently been migrated to the updated/spreadsheet version of lists, and while it’s true that a Section has no checkbox for completion in List View, it’s always possible to “open” the Section, the same way as a Task and then mark it Complete.

How do you do that? I can’t open mine, that I can see/figure out. I could up until this most recent update. But now all I can do is edit the title/name of the section and delete it. No edit/open/etc options.

In List View, I click directly on the name of the Section and it opens in the same way a Task does. I hope it’s the same for you!

I’m using Windows 10 and Google Chrome.

@Tevya, I think you’re on the new sections with both boards and lists available update. See this:

@Stephanie_Oberg, I think you’re not yet on that update; it’s a different update than the List View update you just received.

Hope that helps,


Yes, it’s true I never got the List/Board/easy toggle update…not sure why. It’s disappointing to learn about this aspect of the change like this, but at least I had time to go through my system and hunt for all sections that contained data.

In the future, if I need to delete a Section, I suppose I will move all its completed Tasks that I want to save to another Section.

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Yes, exactly. I don’t want to delete it though, just complete it like I have all the ones in the past. I find it hard to believe this is the final version of this as then you get all your Sections piling up in your list view. There really needs to be a way to complete them like we could before…


It is never the last version of anything into a SaaS product. They will surely keep improving everything!

Yes, that’s why I said that. Still annoying that we can’t complete them right now though.


This is a struggle for us too, we use sections in our Editorial Calendar for the weeks, we complete everything under the section, and now have headers for weeks that are long past. :frowning:


You can’t complete sections anymore because they are not tasks anymore… I think you can only delete them…

Yes, but that’s a HUGE UX bug. Especially since they were tasks in the past. Asana really needs to fix this by adding a way to hide all section headers with all tasks completed, or something like that in list view.

It makes sense to continue showing them in column view, but in list view it’s just a frustrating pain, making us scroll past completed section headers to get to the relevant tasks.