Cannot delete sections that were automatically created upon setup

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I cannot delete two sections. These two sections are sample sections that were created automatically by the system when I created my Asana account.

Steps to reproduce:
Click on title of automatically created section. Press Backspace key (on Windows) until section title is deleted, and then press Backspace again. Section should delete/disappear, but it does not. When focus is clicked somewhere else, the section title is automatically changed to “Untitled Section”.
Per Asana instructions, I should be able to delete the sections by clicking on the title and then pressing “Backspace” until the section is deleted. this process works for sections that I have created, but not for the two automatically created sections. I am only able to rename the automatically created sections.

Browser version:
Google Chrome Version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Upload screenshots below:

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From your screenshot I can see you are one of the organizations set up with the new behavior that changes sections and permits both list and board views for a project as described in "Tab+N" our new shortcut to create Sections .

To delete a section, first make sure it has no tasks in it (including completed tasks; you may need to change your view/filter to All tasks). Then click on the “…” beside the section as shown in your screenshot and choose Delete Section.



Great, thanks!
Good tutorial on how to delete sections/columns that have completed tasks. They both had completed sample tasks in them. After I deleted the sample tasks, I was able to delete the sample sections/columns.


@Tom_Wald, Key point about completed tasks, which often are “hidden,” and I always forget about. I just updated my comment to include your point.

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HI, this change has totally messed up my use of Asana, whereby I have sections for each day coming up in the next month… none of the sections will now allow me to delete them (which I do after the day has passed). If I set the filter to “all tasks” then the completed tasks all show at the top and the outstanding tasks disappear, thus I am not able to remove completed tasks from sections because none show. In any case, it would be a shame to have to delete all completed tasks in order to get a section closed, because in the future I sometimes refer to previously completed and closed tasks, and this would then not be possible.
As it stands, I have a bunch of sections for past days all stuck at the top of my screen which I can no longer remove. Is there no way that this can be fixed? It’s a most unwelcome change unless this is a bug?


Just to add… even a brand newly created section with no tasks in it is immediately becomes stuck with the “delete section” button greyed out. This surely cannot be a right behaviour. The only “solution” is for me to move all the sections I don’t want down to the bottom of the list - I can only assume this is a bug because otherwise it is threatening to make my No 1 productivity tool of the last five years unusable. :frowning:

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Agreed. This change to sections has completely messed up the way we do things, as well.

sam issue here! the problem already existed with the kanban-view but now it is systemwide as you can switch between views. the “solution” to ditch all deleted tasks from a headline to delete it is just a temporary workaround 'cause at least one headline sticks as the “dump”.

Asana pls make sure this bug will be reviewed soon. its extremely important for the user to keep their spaces tidy and to delete old sections that are not in use anymore such as tasks. if not i dont see the logic in this change…

Hi all,

Quick update to let you know we’re rolling out an update allowing you to delete Columns/Sections even when they contain tasks, so you don’t have to empty your column/Section before you can delete it. We’re rolling this update gradually, as of today it is available to 20% of our customers, and we’re to roll it out to everyone within the next couple of days; so if you’re not seeing this option in your account just yet, don’t worry it will soon be available to you!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Thank you! This is a helpful fix and has improved the situation somewhat. I will still have to move all completed tasks to another project of course if I wish to retain them to refer back to in the future, since closing a section with completed tasks in it will now delete them, but it’s made things usable again without tedious workarounds.

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I’m not seeing that it my account yet?

I want to be able to either delete a section that contains tasks, or mark it as complete, like it used to be…



Hi Marie, I posted in the feedback thread about this, I couldn’t find threads about it. Anyway, has this feature rolled out to all users yet? I was trying the new sections concept (with kanban boards) and now I have a stuck section… and there are way too many tasks to move out of it (like hundreds). I wish I used a different project for my test.

Anyway, let me know if it has rolled out to everyone, as my section still won’t let me delete it. And I can’t even figure out how to get things out of the section. Like when I click on the section name in the project area (dual homing area) it doesn’t give me an option to go to a “none” section.

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Never mind… I had to drag them out of the section. 600+ tasks, 50 at-a-time! Please program a better way, that was brutal.

Hi @Francesco_Alessi and sorry for the trouble this might have caused you!

We’re still in the process of rolling this out. I’ll make sure to keep you posted in this thread as soon it’s available for everybody!

Have a nice Monday!


This problem still exists, can’t change or delete the original section headings. When will this be fixed?

I just had the same problem. I needed to remove any sort on the project as well and now I can remove sections.

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