Preserve Task Order When Bulk Moving to Section

Reproduction Steps:

  • Create a whole bunch of tasks in order outside of the section.
  • Shift-click to multi-select these tasks in order.
  • Select the section in the drop-down on the task display to move them into the section.

Expected behavior: The tasks would move to the section in the same order.
Current behavior: The tasks do move to the new section (success), but the order seems completely random (failure).
Work-around: Yes, you can avoid the reordering by using drag/drop to move the tasks into the section. But this is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Use case for creating tasks outside of section in a project & needing them to move into a section later = Templates

  • We have a single project for a process that gets repeated each month. We do NOT want a separate project for each month. (Reporting for management is set up and new project names would mess this up.)
  • We have a template for the steps in our monthly process.
  • Before section changes in 2019: We would create a new project from the template as a temp project. We would move the tasks and sections into the ongoing project from the temp project. We would remove the tasks and sections from the temp project. Then we would delete the temp project. (Yes, it was a bit cumbersome, but it worked and was the only way we could get the outcome we wanted.)
  • After section changes in 2019: It totally sucks now. We have to create the sections separately in the real project, then go through the above for the tasks only, which results in a whole bunch of tasks in order outside the section. Currently using drag/drop as a work around for re-ordering issue, but it is substantially more time consuming.

This was not an issue before the new version of sections was released in late Q3/earlyQ4 2019.

This is a different issue from, but related to Mark Sections as Complete (in new spreadsheet List view) - Mark Sections as Complete (in new spreadsheet List view).

Hi @Sara_Dunn :wave:

I’m closing this thread since task order is now preserved when bulk moving into a different Section using the drop-down menu :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have any follow-up question! Have a great week!

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