Can't duplicate sections. Can't move sections between projects

Quote honestly, this is ludicrous.

I’ve been trying for an hour to duplicate a month’s worth of tasks into more months and change the due dates. Pretty straightforward. I see you can’t do this but there have been workarounds. So I duplicated the project and changed dates on the new on but can’t seem to move the altered section as the command is not there. To make things worse, the support here, including screenshots, is mostly out of date but never pruned, resulting in much confusion and wasted time. I see requests dating back years for this simple, common need. GRRRR.

What is the current ridiculous multi-step workaround for this, or is there none?

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@Tony_Huth - unfortunately you are correct. There is no feature to duplicate sections. As you’ve mentioned, there are workarounds. I’ll outline them as succinctly as possible and you can ask additional questions if you have any.

Workaround details: As you mentioned, you can duplicate a project and then delete anything you weren’t wanting to keep outside of that section you were trying to duplicate.

To move the newly created section back to the original project, you need to do the following:

  1. Create a section in the original project where you want the newly duplicated tasks to show up.
  2. Go to the duplicate project and bulk select the tasks you want to move. IMPORTANT: You need to bulk select starting at the top of your list of tasks and then finish your bulk select at the bottom (up to 50 tasks at a time). This is because they will move to the other project in the order they were selected (so if you select bottom to top, they will reverse order).
  3. In the bulk change toolbar at the bottom, choose the clipboard icon to multi-home the tasks (i.e. add to another project) and then select to add them back to the original project to the correct section.

I’d also suggest voting for the feature so Asana can build it natively (at some point, hopefully).
You can vote here: Ability to copy sections including all tasks in that section

IMPORTANT NOTE: the above workaround is free and takes just a few minutes once you are used to it.

But, just in case it’s helpful, if you want a smoother solution, I’ll mention that my team built a tool called that solves this and 30+ other feature limitations in Asana.

The solution for this scenario is called “Super-Section Duper” and it gives you a Duplicate Section button, as seen here:

And here’s the customization it allows:

And, as mentioned, it features a few dozen other fixes:

Anyway, there’s a free forever version and a 2-week free trial of the paid version so you can see if it’s worthwhile and helpful for you.

You can see more or grab free forever or a free Pro trial here:
NOTE: It’s in beta, so there will be bugs, but we are pretty good about fixing them and rolling out updates quickly (multiple times per week)

Let me know of any questions.

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