Ability to copy sections including all tasks in that section


I would like the ability to copy an entire section of a project including all tasks within that section. When you copy the section you would be able to give it a new name and all tasks would be duplicated into the new section.

Currently we are in the process of implementing a new IT system at different locations. The project is currently setup such that each location has its own section in the project and we have to go thru the menu option to copy each task so that it also brings corresponding attachments, etc.

Thank you


Hi @Jorge_Figueroa - have you considered copying the entire project and eliminating what you don’t need from the copied project? I think this option may be a bit easier for you, especially considering that you have tasks with corresponding attachments.

I recommend that you copy projects. You can do this like so. In the copy project menu be sure to select the information you’d like copied and deselect irrelevant information. Then, once you’re working with the project copy, you can just delete the tasks and sections that you don’t need.



I think that I may not have explained clearly how I have the project setup now. I think your suggestion would work if each site rollout were its own project but it currently is not.

I have one project that contains the go-live tasks for the systems installation at each site. Each section corresponds to a site that will be installed. Depending on the roll out schedule I may have 3 sites installed per day. I then have to individually copy each task and put in the appropriate section.

I am attaching an image of how I have the project now.

Thank you for the response.

Jorge Figueroa




@Jorge_Figueroa Might have missed something in what you are after, but if you highlight the Section and all of the Tasks then do Ctrl+C then go to the end of the project and do CTRL+V the Section and Tasks will copied exactly. You can then rename the Section to be the new site name. The complication will be that it will copy everything associated with that task, ie. comments, attachments, followers etc.

The other option would be to create a Template set of Tasks and Section in a seperate project which is you then copy across to the required project.



Hi Jason,
When I use the method CTRL+C and CTRL+V it does not copy the description or attachments. In my case I do want the description and attachments to be copied because they contain detail of steps to be done, SQL queries, etc. When I use the COPY option from the menu for each individual task, it does copy the description and attachments.

The problem is that in my case every site deployment has 11 tasks and I can deploy 3 sites per day… Therefore in order to accomplish entering in Asana the tasks for 1 day I have to use the menu copy/rename option 33 times. This is why I was thinking that if I can copy the section and rename it when duplicating, then all the tasks in that section can keep the same name.

If I create a template set of tasks wouldn’t I have to copy each one individually also?

Thank you for your response,



Sorry @Jorge_Figueroa you are 100% correct, seems when I did my quick test I ended up looking at the original not the copied tasks. My apologies.