Move/Copy entire Sections from one Project to another Project

We would love to be able to move entire Sections (i.e. the Section and all the Tasks under that Section) from one Project to another Project. This could be either a MOVE option or a COPY option. The absolute best would be to have the option to do either a MOVE or a COPY.

I think the methods that would be easiest for Users would be:

  1. Click and drag an entire Section into the side-bar and drop it into a different Project (have a “Move or Copy” pop-up)
  2. Have a menu pop-up on a Section that has an option to Move or Copy to another Project

Currently you can’t really “select” a Section, which means you can’t multi-select Sections and move them together, even within its own Project. You can drag it within a Project but that’s it.

Current Work-Around: Go into the destination Project and create Sections that correspond with the origination Project. Return to the Origination Project and multi-select all of the individual Tasks in that Section. On the side-care you can select where those Tasks live, allowing you to select the destination Project/Section. Then you can remove the origination Project. This simulates a “Move Section” action.

Use Case: We have various Projects with Sections that are beneficial for a new Project that might emerge, and it would be easiest to copy over the whole Section. Example: part of an overall Project might be a Section for “Conduct User Training” with a bunch of Tasks under it. But doing training ends up being a part of a ton of Projects we have so it would be so convenient to just take that Section from another Project and copy it over into a new Project where we know we’ll need to do “User Training.”

Another feature that I think would be even more valuable would be to allow the copying of a section to another project so that the two projects mirror each other, including with the addition of new tasks in the future. Thus, after coping a section from one project to another, if I add a task to that section in one project it automatically adds to both projects. As it stands, I have to manually make sure that the tasks remain the same between the two projects, which it quite a pain.

Welcome to the Community @Jeremy_Newman!

This is probably a good illustration of why development is so challenging - because I understand what you’re describing, but for us that would actually cause major issues. So in one use case it makes sense, but in another it causes problems.

If I’m understanding your request, you would want to copy a Section from one Project to another, and potentially another, and another… and then adding a Task in one Section in the original Project would add it in all the others.

But let’s say I have a Section called “Website Stuff” and every time our Marketing department has a marketing campaign, we create a new Project and then copy the Section “Website Stuff” into that Project. That Section would have the basic “template” Tasks but there would be lot of specific things that would come up, and we would only want it added to that Project (campaign), under the Website Stuff Section. It would tie things together in a very unwieldy way for us.

Could it be made optional so that tasks could be tied permanently to the section header or allowed to be separate? That way only the tasks that you wanted cloned would be cloned.