Cannot move sections (and associated tasks) from one project to another

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I can no longer select the section heading and move the section heading and tasks from one section to another. It will not allow me to do anything in selecting or dragging into a new project.

Steps to reproduce:

  • select tasks and heading
  • try to drag into second project
  • nothing happens
  • if you select from the bottom most task and use drag or arrow keys to go all the way up to the section heading and try to drag and move, also does not work

Browser version:
Chrome Version 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Upload screenshots below:


Hi @Stephanie_Bedford, this isn’t a bug but an expected behaviour following some recent changes we’ve made to Sections: Create & add sections in Asana | Product guide • Asana

If you’re looking to move all task of one of your Section from one project to another, you should create a new Section in your target project, multiselect tasks in the current project and move them all at once in your target project using the tooltip right next to the project field (see screenshot below)

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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Hi @Marie this does require multiple steps when it could be just one eg drag the section to a new project, now becomes:

  1. create new section in new project
  2. multi-select all the tasks - move them to the new section in the new project
  3. delete the old section in the original project

it would be good if Asana made it easier.


Hey @Marie - we have started to encounter some issues with this as well: if there are multiple sections we want to move from one Project to another, it requires quite a bit of work to go into the “destination” Project, create the identical structure with a bunch of Sections, return to the “origination” Project, select all tasks in a section, relocate them, then repeat this for every section. The process isn’t a big deal for 1 section with just a few Tasks. It becomes almost un-workable when dealing with scale.

Is this seen as something that should be fixed by the Asana team?


BTW - I think in the Guide that you linked to, there’s an incorrect Asana Tip box on the page that says “If you drag and drop a Section, the tasks below won’t automatically move with it, so use multi-select to move the Section and its tasks at the same time.”

Is that still correct? For me when I drag a section it now automatically grabs all of the Tasks as well.

Hi @Joel_Charles :wave:t3:

Moving Sections from a project to another was never really a feature, but I totally agree that the workaround used to be super straight forward with “old sections” and is now a lot less efficient! Would you mind creating a brand new #productfeedback to allow other community members to vote for it? On my end, I’ll escalate a note to our product team for them to consider in a future update!

It seems this section hasn’t yet been updated, both screenshots and Asana Tips are referring to "old sections’. I’ve gone ahead and made a task for our Guide team to look into this! Thanks for the report Joel, really appreciate it!

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Done. Thanks!

@Stephanie_Bedford and @Clayton_Chipper - I’d love to have you Vote for this feature to put it on Asana’s radar. Go to the Product Feedback post I created (link below) and click the Vote button.


It is indeed not perfect and after moving from trello to Asana I found this out painfully.
I solved it now with a work around as I duplicate the whole project, rename it to the new name and then remove the unwanted sections from the duplicate. Not nice but more efficient.
I agree that the way it is set now in Asana is not effivcient at all and after all good things I saw from this tool, I am honestly surprised they do not offer this basic function. Should be fixed asap!

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