Have tasks move when section heading is moved

I often find myself wanting to move an entire section up or down or into another project. I know I can shift-select, but intuitively I just grab the section heading and try to move it… unfortunately that does… unexpected things.

I wonder if there could be a preference which either locks your sections or a modifier key (such as if you are holding down control while dragging a section, all tasks under it move with it).

@Jason_Mark, welcome!

Soon (a few days, weeks, or month or two perhaps) sections will be moveable within a project as a unit (the section and subtasks within). See "Tab+N" our new shortcut to create Sections for more info. That at least addresses a part of your feedback here.




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Unfortunately this change is a MASSIVE change backwards, we’ve always been able to move tasks with a heading (select the subheading and the tasks you want to move), or move the heading independently, with the change that hit my account yesterday its impossible to move them separately which is really painful, much of the sorting I do every day is no longer possible without extreme contortions.

I posted a topic on this, but it got closed and I got asked to vote on the Alt-N topic, its not really to do with Alt-N but unfortunately there appears to be no way to vote down a topic, since all the changes to sections seem to be backwards and make Asana LESS usable.

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I’m closing this thread since this update has been rolled out! Now, when moving a section all its nested tasks are automatically moved :slight_smile:

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