Moving a section will not move the tasks in it as well

When trying to move a section that was created using the new TAB+N, all the tasks in the section stays there and change to the section above them.

In the Sections are dead! Long live sections! it was mention in the Improvement section:
Moving a section will move all tasks in that section with it. This is similar to how you would move column-sections in a board project.


Hi @Francois_Pare, the behavior you are observing is correct. The Tab + N shortcut doesn’t change how tasks are associated with sections and how moving sections works—that is coming later on in the overall set of changes to sections in Asana.

The thread you linked to is specifically for describing long-term plans and behavior for the Asana API, which should be considered separately from current product plans and behavior. Sorry for any confusion!


Grace and Peace,
Are we any closer to being able to tie milestones and tasks to a section to that they move and/or are copied with the section?

Hi @TiffanyJoyM, and welcome to the forum,

Yes, absolutely! The Asana team is in the midst of converting all Asana accounts to an updated design for sections. It’s going to take a few months in total since there are literally I believe millions of accounts to convert. But once you are converted, then yes, when you move a section, its tasks and milestones get moved right along with it.

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