Please bring back Mark for today/upcoming/later button

Hi, this was an awesome feature that I have not seen in any other tool. Please bring it back.

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Hi @Nandu_Raj, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! With the new My Tasks, you can also move tasks between sections using the section movers:

You can also now use two different keyboard shortcuts to quickly move tasks that are assigned to you between the sections in your My Tasks.

  1. Use Tab-Y when the task pane is open and the task is assigned to you to open the section mover menu for your My Tasks.
  2. Use Tab-U when you have one or more tasks selected to open the section mover menu for these tasks (this works in both projects and in My Tasks!)

Once the menu is open, you can navigate it with the arrow keys and hit enter to select the section. We are going to keep iterating on this feature to make it even better!

This problem certainly isn’t solved to me. It is a very bad design change that created a major, costly problem for real users who need to be able to move quickly and get actual work done.

AT THE VERY LEAST - rollback “tab+L”

Although I can see some usefulness to the changes, the loss of not quickly being able to use short-cuts to Upcoming or Later is a HUGE pain for productivity. I can imagine many better ways to have worked out this flow without killing a habit many of us have formed over years of using assan… and other products. Its really frustrating how much time I have to lose coming to this forum for basic things that get changed in weird ways. We are business paying users, we can’t be your product development team and user testing. Happy to be however, if you want to give us free licenses.


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