What going on with Tab + L

How can I move my task to Upcoming, Later, Today–. I thought the keys shortcut was TAB Y, TAB L, TAB U. It does not seem to be working. Any ideas?


I was just thinking the same thing! I also noticed that when you have a task set to repeat, if its outside of the next 7 day range, it used to automatically move it to the “Later” section, now it adds it to the “Recently Assigned” section.
The shortcuts are not working on the webpage or in the new desktop app.

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Hi @Chuck_Coughlin and @Don_Gallagher,

A couple of things…

First, FYI I moved this thread to the Tips and Tricks forum section (Developers & API is for developers integrating with Asana via its programming interface).

Second, the two issues you’ve mentioned here - the old shortcuts not working in My Tasks and recurring tasks showing up in Recently Assigned - are both an offshoot of Asana’s recent update to a new My Tasks design.

You can read about the new My Tasks here:

In terms of the two issues you’ve mentioned, please see this post for more info on both of those:


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