Restore original "mark for later" keyboard shortcut functionality

First, thanks to the Asana team for the response and follow up! Especially to Emily that has been great through this! This is a follow-up to the changes made to keyboard shortcuts with “My Tasks”

Originally, Asana had a “tab+L” keyboard shortcut that allowed you to quickly move a task or multiple selected tasks to the later section at the very bottom of your my tasks list. That functionality was lost with the new tasks update, though now has been partially re-added with a follow up solution that allows tab+[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, or 9] to move to that section of your my tasks.

Is there the possibility to have these keyboard shortcuts be assignable to a specific user-selection section, rather than limited to the first 9 sections in order?

One of the keys to how asana used to work was having the later section be at the bottom, so you never have to scroll through those tasks until their due date automatically bumps them up into a different section. I would say that this is core to what made asana simple and easy to use.

This current solution presents two problems with that workflow:

  1. It limits you to 9 sections in your inbox (assuming you want to be able to use a keyboard shortcut to send things to the bottom of your tasks, which again, was core to the ease of use of the old Asana). We have several employees that use more than 10 sections, as they break each hour of their day into “chunks” of time they can manage, plus a couple other various sections.

  2. If you add a section to the tasks, you then have to rememorize which section is your “bottom” one

Viable solutions would be:

a. allow users to assign each section a keyboard shortcut, regardless of its position on the list
b. turn tab+9 or tab+0 (or if you want to make it easy for everyone with the old muscle memory, tab+L) into a keyboard shortcut that sends tasks to be bottommost section of their “my tasks”.

Thank you for all your help!

Best regards,

also, as an aside, it would be great if we could still comment on requests after they are closed. I think this thread has been created many times, and each times we lose followers that may otherwise be interested in the discussion of how to make asana as useful as possible!

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@Kyle_Hansen This is a great suggestion. I added my vote. Tab+L for the last section could be extremely helpful

Thanks for sharing your feedback, @Kyle_Hansen! I’ll let you know if we have any news about this option in the future :raised_hands:


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