Keyboard shortcut to move task between sections is not working

I’m using Cmd+Up on a mac to move my task up. That keyboard shortcut generally works, but when it gets moved to the previous section, it isn’t at the end of the list but the 2nd to last item.

Asana Web on a Mac
Browser: Chrome Version 116.0.5845.187 (Official Build) (x86_64)


Hi @Evan_Hammer !

Can you check whether you have any sorts enabled, such as by due date that might be the reason why tasks are ordered as you describe?
Just a thought :thinking:

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Did Richards reply fix your issue @Evan_Hammer ?

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@Richard_Sather I don’t have any sorts enabled for that project. Thanks for asking!

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Hi @Evan_Hammer sorry for the trouble! I’ve been able to replicate this behavior so I’ve escalated the case to our Developers. As soon as I have any updates I’ll let you know!

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Thanks! Did you get any response from the Dev team?

Hi @Evan_Hammer unfortunately we are not able to share an ETA yet, but I can see that our Developers are actively working on this request. They will let me know once there’s any update!

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Hi everyone, our Developers let me know that this issue has since been fixed! Closing this topic, but let me know if you need further assistance.


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