moving through tasks on keyboard in mytask view

hi all!

new to asana - and very keen on keyboard shortcuts!

in the mytasks view is there a way of moving up and down the task list, task by task, using the keyboard? arrows dont seem to work…

this would allow for some rapid task editing without the mouse!

I have a windows computer


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Hi @David_Leach. Here you go: Keyboard shortcuts in Asana | Product guide • Asana There should be a downloadable cheat sheet at the top as well. Ctrl-arrow key is probably what you are looking for on a windows PC.

Thanks Bernie.

It wasnt actually! but i dont think i explained myself well. however, it seems that it may have been a keyboard issue my end. I was looking to move between different tasks - so i can modify them quickly. and arrows werent working. they now are!

but… your shortcut is also super useful for quick rankings! so thank you for that : and the quick response :slight_smile: