Cannot use keyboard shortcuts sometimes

When I’m in a project list (e.g., often I find that none of the project related keyboard shortcuts work, and I depend on keyboard shortcuts because inflammation in my hands keeps me from mousing.

I can still do things like Tab+H (jump to activity tab), but I cannot do things like UpArrow and DownArrow (the selected task does not change). Nor can I use Tab+Enter to open Details.

One of the tasks appears to be selected, highlighted in blue but none of the task-related keyboard shortcuts works unless I get someone to click on the task.

What can I do please?


Welcome to the Forum @Markham and thank you for reaching out!

Sorry to hear you having issues with shortcuts. You should be able to open the task details by using Tab + ↵ and you should be able to change the selected task by using ↑ / ↓

You can learn more about Keyboard shortcuts by clicking on the image icon next to your Profile Picture.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Thanks for your response. Those keyboard shortcuts do work after I have clicked on a task with the mouse. But if I click on a project from the Home tab, then none of those three shortcuts will work (until after I click on a task with the mouse). And if I click on some negative space in the project view, then once again, I have to click on a task with the mouse before the keyboard shortcuts will work.

Is there any keyboard shortcut that will give focus to one of the tasks so that I can start interacting without using the mouse? (If not, I make an emphatic feature request of this.)


This is a key pain point - too often Asana requires the user to re-engage focus using the mouse. Start with that principle - reduce/eliminate engagement with the product via mouse clicks. It really is a friction point that discourages usage - and most importantly it is time-inefficient. The logic of when I need to click is fairly murky so I am constantly jumping back and forth from keyboard to mouse as I enter information. This basic interface issue should be a priority: reduce need to take hands off keyboard to reactivate focus with mouseclick.

Sounds like Focus / select task via keyboard ?