Focus / select task via keyboard



Hi I’d like to reamphasize a topic @Alexander_Singer and @Jennifer_Beahan mentioned earlier.
There is one small but VERY anoying detail in a typical workflow: When working in your tasklist, you often delegate tasks, comment, change due date, tag etc.
And you can do all that navigating via keyboard.
But normally you want to go through a list of tasks - so you want to get back to the main pane (tasklist) and select the next task, but it is not possible without switching to the mouse!
If I close the task-detail (esc) there is no keyboard shortcut responding - in the best case the arrow-keys are used to scroll through the entire tasklist, but it is not possible to select a task - not even the very first one!
(win 10; chrome and ff)

So: PLEASE reconsider or at least try to explain, why it is not technically feasible at this point in time to implement such a small thing with such a large annoyance-factor :wink:

Best wishes to the team and keep up the great work your doing! Kai


Hi there - a small addendum:

I recognized, that the intended behaviour is there in one particular instance.
When you (re-)assign a task from the tasklist, but only with TAB+M (to yourself), then the focus is kept and the workflow is uniterrupted.
If any further interaction is necessary, for instance TAB+A (choosing someone else to assign the task to), then the focus of the task in the middle pane is lost and can ONLY be regained via mouse.
Also interesting:
You can cycle through several aspects of a task and get back with TAB.
Having a Task in Fokus in the middle pane, TAB brings you to editing the title (TAB > description; TAB > comment; TAB > follower; TAB > back to middle pane) and SHIFT-TAB in the reverse order.

–> So, obviously, there are ways for different program-parts of asana to work while keeping the focus of the current task in the middle pane in the background and returning to it, but workflow-wise some of the most crucial do not exhibit this behaviour :crying_cat_face:

cheers guys