Keyboard shortcut to select (again)

I recognize this issue was closed by saying the relevant shortcut is not supported ([Keyboard shortcut to select task]_, but this issue is so pervasive, I can’t believe I’m not missing something really obvious: this must be my own personal blind spot, so could someone please help me out?

I have the middle-pane and a task open and can work on the task using all the known keyboard shortcuts. Great. I’m finished and now want to scroll up and down the task list in the middle-pane to deal with some other task. How do I get back there without using the mouse? Even if I close the “selected” task so I only have the middle-pane open (left pane is routinely closed in), I can’t “jump to” another task. Up/Down do nothing, since no task is selected to begin with.

It’s not obvious to me that the now-unsupported “jump to task” was what I needed in any case, but somehow people must be doing something to get from one task to the next without a mouse click every time – it just seems so very very fundamental. I need to get the “focus” back on the middle pane so up/down will work.

[I suppose I could search for the task even though it is right in front of me… Is that really what power users are doing?]