Keyboard shortcuts to add a description and then go back to task list?

Does anyone know if keyboard shortcuts exist to go from a task’s name to the description and then back to the task list?

The workflow I want is this, staying entirely on my keyboard:

  1. Type a new task: “This is a new task”
  2. Hit a keyboard shortcut to go to the description (like TAB-D or something – I know that’s ‘date’)
  3. Enter a description: “Here are some more details about my task that I don’t want to put into the task name.”
  4. Hit another keyboard shortcut to go back to the task list.

For #4, I know you can hit ESC to close out the description box, but then the cursor is no longer in the task text field.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

Hi @Steven_Rouk, I’ve been doing this:

  1. Type task name
  2. Tab Tab
  3. Type task description
  4. Shift-Tab Shift-Tab

After the above, you’re left focused back on the task name, but not only that, the cursor position within the task name is maintained!


This solution doesn’t work anymore, I don’t think. But one can use Tab-r to jump to the Description. @Natalia, is there any way to jump back to the tasks list? Thanks!

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HI @lpb :wave:

  • You can use Tab ↵ to open the task details.
  • You can jump back to the task list using ESC (It will close the Task details but remain focus on the task)

Would that be helpful?

@Natalia, When I follow your directions, after ESC focus remains on the task in the tasks list–it is highlighted–but if I hit Enter nothing seems to happen–I’d expect it to go into edit mode of the task title in the tasks list. However, if I hit down arrow (focus moves to next task) then up arrow (now looks the same as before–focus on original task), hitting Enter now goes into edit mode. I think that’s a bug maybe.

The goal is as in the first post here: start in the tasks list, do some task detail work return to the tasks list and maybe continue editing there. Ideally the detail pane wouldn’t ever have to change open/close state either.




A shortcut to jump from typing the task title to the description filed would indeed be very useful.

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Try Tab + R

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