Keyboard Shortcut Improvement - Back to parent task

There’s a keyboard shortcut (Tab :arrow_right: ) that lets you see the Subtask details and Comments of the task that you currently have selected. It’s not in the keyboard shortcut list, but it’s there if you over over the speech bubble at the right end of the subtask

It also appears that there’s an undocumented shortcut that takes you back to the parent task (Tab :arrow_left:)

It would be great if that shortcut returned you to the parent task with that recent sub-task already selected. As it stands - if I’m working to add or update several sub-tasks inside a parent task, I can use the keyboard shortcuts to help for a lot of it, but that “back to parent” shortcut breaks the flow. My only current options:

  • Use Tab-S to add a new empty sub-task and then use arrow keys to get where I want
  • Hit tab a dozen times until I get to the sub-task list in my browser
  • Grab my mouse and just scroll back to the right spot

Clearly not a huge problem - but it definitely feels like a spot where the keyboard shortcuts could be improved slightly.