View Next/Previous Subtask Button

I’d like to have an option to click a “Next Subtask” or “Previous Subtask” button from within a subtask view.

In my use case, a parent task is made up of subtasks that relate to each other in some form, and I’m finding it a little cumbersome to click back up to the parent task so that I can click back down into another subtask. A feature like the one requested would allow me to quickly cycle through the subtasks associated with the task and get me the information fast.

  • When in the app you can click the <> chevrons in the top bar to go back and then choose the next subtask

  • When in Boardview you can open alle the subtasks in the board and have the current subtask open in the right side

  • When in Listview: you can have alle the subtasks open in listview and the current task open in the right side

  • When in a task you can use TAB+S to jump directly to subtasks


Thanks @_josh, though what I’m requesting would require one less click since it would be cycling through each subtask (ie. horizontally) versus any need to go to the parent task (ie. vertically) to then select the next subtask. The methods you’ve provided don’t quite achieve what I’m looking for, so apologies if my explanation wasn’t clear.

This becomes more apparent for users working from My Tasks, where they may be assigned a subtask and would need to see the content of other subtasks completed or assigned to someone else that is part of the same parent task.

Thank you for the request, @anon55373545!

@_josh proposed ways to bypass visiting the parent task.
For example, in list view, when the sort option is none, we can switch between the subtasks from the main (center) pane.

I recently found that we can see the content of all subtasks in one view by printing the parent task into a PDF. It might be helpful when you just want to read the contents of all subtasks, not needing to act on them.