Ability to work on all levels of subtask from List view

I find that if I have more than a few subtasks and I’m doing some kind of initial work on each one, it’s a pain to go from one subtask to one of its siblings. You have to navigate to the parent task, scroll down to the subtask list (which may be down quite far depending on the length of your task description), find the applicable subtask in the list, and then open that subtask. If there was navigation to go to the next or the previous subtask, that would be incredibly helpful.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Hi @Alex_Mueller and welcome to the Forum! :wave:t5:

What about working on these subtasks directly from the List view? If you sort your project by none and unfold the subtasks nested in a particular task (clicking on the little triangle on the left), you should be able to action on each subtask without having to open each task manually. Please see screenshot attached:

Would that help Alex?

Hi @Natalia and thanks for welcoming me!

I noticed this new feature recently and it works well when you only have subtasks one layer deep, but anything beyond that leads to the issue I described because you cannot browse that deeply in the List view. For example, a large project we’re currently working on has the following structure:

  • Milestone Task
    • Feature subtask
      • Feature-specific subtask
      • Feature-specific subtask
      • Feature-specific subtask

In this example, the feature-specific subtasks are where being able to jump to the next or previous subtask would be handy. We tend to use these subtasks for pieces of the feature that require their own assignee, discussion, etc.

Does that make sense? Thanks again for your help!

Thank you for the clarification @Alex_Mueller! Got it now :slight_smile:

If it’s Ok with you, I’m modifying the title of this thread to make it more discoverable for other users to upvote it!

Thank you Alex! Have a great week!

Sounds good, thanks @Natalia! Though to be more specific, ideally it would be any level of subtask.

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I love the drill-down triangle to see my subtasks. But I often create subtasks of those subtasks. Could you allow the drilldown at a second level on the list view?

It’ll save extra clicks from having to open a task and then the subtasks.

Hi @TRV, welcome to the community forum and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! We already have a product feedback thread on this topic. I’ve gone ahead and merged your thread with Ability to work on all levels of subtask from List view to consolidate votes.

Please don’t forget to add your vote! Let me know if you have any questions!

Oh no, I can’t see the drill-down triangle to see my subtasks. It’s just not there, although subtasks exist and its count is shown after the task name. What can be wrong?