Ability to work on all levels of subtask from List view

Is there an update on implementing this Feature? Having Multiple layers of subtasks will be beneficial from a project management overview as some of my projects are consisting of multiple teams that have a multi tier process to complete the OVERALL project.


It must be part of the concept of Asana to show only one level of sub-tasks. Otherwise users could get overwhelmed. They want to protect us from this!
But often I have also the feeling that they (Asana Team) do not want to implement new features any more. But I can be completely wrong with this.

New user here. Wondering on status of this capability? I want to start managing projects in Asana rather than Smartsheet but without multi-level view in list form (Task, Subtask, Subtask of Subtask, etc) I’m not sure I want to anymore.

Ability to see the full heirarchy of my project in list view: project/Section/Task/Subtask/Sub-
Subtask/Sub-Sub-Subtask/and so on

I would like to see all sububtasks of subtasks in the list view. This should be collapsible and will make it easier to update a task and all its sub-sub-sub components.

The Jira “Structure” feature is a perfect example of what im suggesting. If the team can replicate this, I would be most happy!



This is a must. It’s really painful to navigate complex projects.

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Hi @Emily_Roman, are we any closer to this feature? It would honestly be a game changer for Asana

Hello, is there any update on the development of this feature? It is so hard to get to nested subtasks in complex projects, it’s imposible to navigate and a total waste of time. A tree structure like the Jira shared above would be ideal.