Drop Down option for second level of Subtasks on List

Love the new arrow drop down view! I think it would be even more beneficial to have sub-drop downs on sub-tasks, as well (if you have the task brought up on the right-hand side of the screen)!

Hi @Teddi :wave: Thank you for sharing your suggestion with us!

Just to be sure I have understood your feedback: are you referring to the possibility to have a drop down option to display the second level of subtasks?

Looking forward to your reply!

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Yes, exactly!

Yes, I agree with Teddi… something like this is needed.

I sent a suggestion awhile back about using levels as the current view. Meaning, you have a Parent Level, which is what we are used to seeing in the task list. But then instead of the dropdowns (which I do like, and would love to keep) on each level, doing a level shift. For example: And this may be hard to grasp using words!

The interface could have level buttons (based on how many subtask levels are in the current project.

[<] [>] [PL] [L1] [L2] [L3]

[PL] is the Parent Level (the level we are used to seeing in the task list)

When I press [L1], the PL level shifts to the left, revealing the subtasks at Level 1. This presents them the same way the tasks are presented at the parent level. Same functionality. Once I’m done, I can hit the [PL] to go back to the parent level. Of if need be, I can go deeper by hitting one of the other subtask levels [L2], [L3], on and on. The [<] and [>] are just ways of drilling down, without having to have all the [L1]…[L9], etc… So you can maybe do the first 3 levels, and if people want to go further, they can use the arrows.

FYI this feature is known as hoisting - it was available in many of the outliners of the past, including ThinkTank, MORE, and Grandview.

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