Tree view for task and subtasks



There should be an option to show a tree view for task and subtasks, it should be collapsable if you have many levels of sub sub sub … tasks you could hide them but a lot of time to see your task tree structure would be real value


Hi @Attila_Saghy

I would suggest to move this under “Product Feedback” so people could vote on it.

Out of curiosity, how would you structure the UI visually to support this? Where would you like to see it?



Moved it, definitely vote for it if you’d like to see this change Attila! =) I agree there are many changes that could be made from the list view that would help with subtasks.


You can see the UI in instagantt, and it works quite good.

Project sections are collapsible as any task that has subtasks.


Instagantt looks nice too, my first inspiration came from TODOIST app that works really well there. You can open and collapse tasks with subtasks. Even on mobile app!! Tasks could be drag&drop-ed to different places/levels to make them Parent/subtasks of other tasks.
That tree could be used in each ‘Project’ and also under ‘My Taks’. In latter however with the current system logic like New/Today/Upcoming Tasks the tree would be trickier to apply as subtask might be new but task itself old.
In ‘My Tasks’ I personally would like to see (even without the tree structure) the option to show only the lowest level of tasks for each task groups, as lowest subtasks in my system are the next action steps to achieve the bigger task so if you have multi level of tasks/subtasks in reality the lowest level is the next action list needs doing and the task above it is becomes rather like microproject(one level further up a small project etc) which is a this way a grouping object not an action object and these upper level taks i dont need to see in the immediate action=‘My Task’ list. It just becomes too cluttered. I need to see only the next action list/taks WITH the indication to show that its part of a bigger task or/and it has subtasks. Tree structure shows that instantly.
Most of the people have visual mind i believe and a tree structure helps them see and understand in seconds how the project/microprojects/tasks/subtasks/sub-subtasks etc are linked together. I am struggling to see through the multilevel task structure i created myself not to mention new team members joining a project the first time. Tree structure would help them immensely.


I fully support the intro of this view. It’s one of the few things that is missing from Asana.


This is a must-have! In instagantt is looks really nice, Asana should definitely work on this to facilitate project management. And as usual subtask, like tasks may appear in several projects (and perhaps tasks), this may be why it is not yet available


Definitely need this! My teams needs 3 levels of organization, forcing us to use subtask. I hate that subtasks don’t associate with the parent task or project. And when you do “assign” the subtask to a project (so it stays organized in your task list), it repeats the subtask by creating a new task in the project that you then have to reposition under the correct parent. I do love the Instagantt interface…just need that to be mimicked in my Asana task list!


Wrike does it in a very useful and beautiful way.


I have now people onboarding asana who are used to project management tools. They are very surprised (in a bad way) that subtasks are not properly handled. They are kind of an unfinished, unpolished feature. Hopefully a proper solution will be available soon


Evaluating Asana for my needs and was surprised to learn that I could not have a hierarchy of subtasks. A google search brought me here, where I see this is an ongoing need. Since this is a must have for my needs, Asana will be unfortunately crossed off the short-list. Looks nice otherwise. :frowning:


I was surprised not to be able to indent tasks in the list view to turn them in to sub-tasks, and not to have that visual representation carried over to the task list when using the create sub-task function. Instead of sorting under and indented to their parent task, sub-tasks pop up at the top of the list and have to be manually relocated. Please keep working on the sub task feature.


Please add a tree view! It is quite “amazing” to have task/sub-task relationships without a view of these relationships.


Todoist’s subtask UI is the reason i still use it over Asana for non-collaborative personal things. If Asana makes subtasks visible in lists I’d use it exclusively in a heartbeat.


tree view for me too


no dubts: we need tree view definetively…!


I’m the same as Joe_luk. I use todoist just because of the subtask UI. Would love to make the switch to just asana with subtask ui


Right now it is difficult to discern which tasks have subtasks. Even adding some sort of visual cue that a task has subtasks would be a step in the right direction.


Same here. Tree view for subtask is the must-have feature.