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In my List view of one of my projects, I have a list called “To Do”… I see my tasks AND the task’s subtasks. When I expand the task (by clicking the tiny triangle icon next to the task) I can see the subtasks as part of the task hierarchy tree. My problem is, I now see double the tasks I really have and it’s overwhelming and confusing.

How do I only see the subtasks once (by expanding the master task)? I don’t want them to show as their own separate task.

I am on the desktop website (not app). Thank you!

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Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Stephanie_Johnson5 :wave:

Subtasks are not really considered as part of the project. If you have a task with subtasks created in a project then normally it should look like this in the list view:

Now you will see the subtasks basically twice in the list view ONLY if you add the subtasks to the project as well like this:

This is because now basically the Subtask 1 is still considered as subtask but also as main task since you added the subtask to the project also.

If you look into your “My Tasks” you will only see the tasks assigned to you and no task will show twice.

If you still want to add subtasks to the project also but don’t want them to show like this then you could create a separate section that you move to the bottom. Then you can move these tasks there.

I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:


Oh okay! Thank you for that explanation and photos!

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