Task and subtasks both appear in my daily to do list



I have a project with several subtasks, all assigned to me.
Under “My tasks” I see everything together, tasks and subtasks, everything is shown at the same level.
This seems a bit confusing to me, is it possible to see the subtasks nested under the main task?
Otherwise is it possible to see only the main task or only the subtasks?


I agree that Asans does not handle tasks and sub-tasks well… neither multiple “lists”.

What about not assigning the top level task to yourself? If you do this you will only see the sub-tasks, and they show the parent task after it so you know what it is.

Or what about moving it down to the bottom somewhere, I do this too, In My Tasks I have created a list called “Projects” for example (by adding a colon after it it turns it into like a heading which is Asanas attempt to work with lists), then I have moved this down into my Upcoming or bottom of My Tasks list, so I cant see it in the screen.

The workaround works for me when I create tasks that are my “Projects”, and tasks for the project are subtasks. I create the project as tasks so I can create a board view of all my projects. I either have not assigned a project to someone yet, or I have, but if its me I assigned it to I move it to the bottom of My Tasks under the heading for “Projects” just to have it out of view.


Hi Laurence, thanks for your help, it is a pity to confirm that task nesting is not available under “My tasks”, however I will try your workarounds to check if it also works for me. Thanks!


This is a great question @Adria!

Especially in light of how difficult it can get to get our My Tasks list under control when we have so many things on the go.

It’s important to note that at the moment, Subtasks do not inherit the projects, tags, or the assignee of their parent tasks, even though you might see the name of the parent’s project at the top of the subtask detail pane.

You can add a subtask to a project by clicking into the subtask details (the speech bubble to the right of the subtask name) and using Tab+P to open the project field or by going to the upper right drop-down and selecting “Add to Project.” Once the subtask is added to the project, it will appear in the main pane.

Once you have added the subtask to the Project in question, sorting your “My Task” view according to Project may help keep the Tasks & its associated Subtasks grouped together in a way that makes sense to you.

Personally, I use @Laurence_Cope’s method of using Sections as headers for all my work- even within the Today/Upcoming/Later categories.

We all have our strategies for keeping our responsibilities organized, and both of these options have worked for our members in the past.

Hope this helps!

Be sure to let us know which works best for you!